Seasonal Rental Management

"Trust us with your property, we'll take care of your peace of mind."

-Tristan Momon

Professional expertise: Our team has extensive experience in rental management. We are experts who understand the subtleties of the local real estate market.

Revenue maximization: We use an optimal listing system to maximize your property's revenue and help you get the best possible return on your investment.

Professional maintenance: We ensure that your property is kept in pristine condition by our professional maintenance team, ensuring a pleasant experience for tenants.

Qualities of our Rental Management Service:

Management :

Commission: 20% of rental income

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From the maintenance of your home, from the simple change of a light bulb to the intervention of a professional if necessary and after validation on your part.

Available to travellers 24 hours a day

Housekeeping/laundry: 50% off the price list
+33 06 22 59 04 96